Dying Light 2 is no longer hamstrung on Xbox Series S

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Dying Light 2’s latest update has added a performance mode to the Xbox Series S version of the game, which doubles the game's frame rate. 

At launch, developer Techland’s long-awaited zombie parkour sequel was locked to an arbitrary 30fps on Xbox Series S, whereas Xbox Series X owners had the choice between Quality mode (4K resolution at 30fps) or Performance mode (1080p resolution at 60fps). 

The 30fps cap didn’t go down well with Xbox Series S owners, as Microsoft’s more affordable console is more than capable of outputting at 60fps in the majority of titles,  as seen in other open world games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Fortunately, the Polish developer has been hard at work to address this disparity and the issue has now been corrected with the latest patch on Xbox. There’s a long list of improvements but the headline one is that the Xbox Series S version now includes a Performance Mode that will run the game at 60fps, meaning those who own the cheaper Xbox can have a smooth post-apocalyptic parkouring experience.

The update doesn’t dismiss Xbox Series X owners either, though, as there’s now a new option called Balanced Mode, which is essentially an ideal compromise between Quality and Performance modes. You’ll still get 60fps but with 1440p resolution instead - in other words, you’re getting the best of both worlds on Series X.

The patch includes a whole host of fixes elsewhere as well, such as fixes to progression blocks in certain quests and issues with the co-op mode. Improvements have also been made to combat along with more natural ragdoll behaviors and audio cues and effects matching the surfaces bodies fall on. From bug fixes to improved UI/UX, the update should provide a much better overall experience for Dying Light 2 players. The full patch notes can be found here.

Not dead yet 

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The Dying Light 2's new update is obviously a big win is for Xbox Series S owners, who no longer have to feel like they’re playing a last-gen version of the game.

But while Techland has managed to resolve the game's frame rate issue, it does raise some questions over whether or not we'll get similar performance disparities between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S titles in future releases, especially as developers begin focusing on next-gen exclusives, such as the upcoming Starfield.

The benefit of buying the less powerful but more affordable Xbox Series S has meant a more accessible route to experience next-gen gaming. Nonetheless, there are still drawbacks when compared to what’s possible on Xbox Series X, such as lower target frame rates and resolution. The Series S can also sometimes miss graphical features such as ray tracing.

Considering the many years of support and updates that made the original Dying Light such a success, it’s likely we’ll be seeing even more improvements and additions to Dying Light 2 in the near future. Having 60fps available on all current-gen platforms including Xbox Series S is nonetheless a great minimum to hit.

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