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Automated Folders
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As more organizations turn to cloud storage to store their important documents, keeping track of everything becomes difficult which is why Dropbox has announced a number of new features to make it easier to maintain an efficient organizational system.

Searching for a specific file in a shared folder can be a time-consuming task especially when everyone has their own naming conventions and processes for uploading and categorizing files. To help teams work more efficiently, Dropbox has developed new features that enable users of its online collaboration tools to use automations to stay organized.

Now users can create folders that automatically perform specific tasks, such as naming, sorting, tagging and converting, anytime a file is added to the folder. The settings of these automated folders can also be controlled and managed using a new central dashboard. Meanwhile, the new multi-file organize feature allows users to categorize and sort a folder's files into subfolders based on dates, keywords or levels of activity with the ability to preview and verify changes before files are moved.

When it comes to naming conventions, Dropbox users will now be able to create file naming standards based on categories that can be applied to individual folders. However, users can also rename files or photos by the date they were taken and include a parent folder name.

Finding content and signing documents

In addition to helping users organize their content, Dropbox is also adding new features to help them find content faster according to a new blog post.

By using easily searchable words, users can tag files and folders so that they can quickly find the one they need even if they don't remember its name. Unlike Dropbox's new automated folders and file naming features which are rolling out to teams first, all of the company's users can start using tags to organize their files and folders today.

As many people use its platform as cloud storage for photos, Dropbox is also adding the ability to quickly find and view all of a user's photos and videos in one centralized place on the web. This can be done on any devices by clicking on "Photos" in the left sidebar on Dropbox's website.

Finally, with the HelloSign mobile app, uses can quickly prepare, send and sign documents on the go from their smartphone or tablet. The app is currently available across all HelloSign plans exclusively on iOS though an Android version is coming soon.

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