December's PS Plus Essential lineup has leaked – and it includes this top RPG trilogy

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
(Image credit: EA)

Fans of action RPGs might have another reason to celebrate this holiday season as, according to a recent leak, PlayStation Plus's free games lineup for December includes the acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy.

The leak comes via French netizen billbil-kun, of business tips forum Dealabs, who has previously accurately leaked PlayStation Plus Essential free games on numerous occasions.

If their information stands true, we can expect Biomutant and Divine Knockout to accompany the complete remastered trilogy of Mass Effect (available now as Mass Effect Legendary Edition) when the PS Plus free games for December land on December 6.

A Christmas miracle?

Mass Effect Legendary might be coming to PS Plus in December 2022

(Image credit: EA)

While it’s an exciting prospect that Ps Plus subscribers might get their hands on a free copy of one of the most highly-regarded action RPGs of the last two decades, you’d be wise to approach this news with caution until an official announcement is made by Sony.

However, there are many reasons to be cautiously optimistic. Billbil-kun does have a strong track record for being a reliable leak source when it comes to PS Plus content. They have accurately leaked the last several months of PlayStation Plus’s free games roster, so being correct for the December line-up once again certainly isn’t out of the question.

It would make sense for combat-driven Divine Knockout to be included in the December 2022 offering. It has already been given a release date of December 6, which backs up billbil-kun’s assertion that all three games will come to PS Plus on that date. If this is true, it would mark another day-one PS Plus release, following in the footsteps (paw steps?) of sci-fi cat simulator Stray.

Biomutant casts a similar shadow to Divine Knockout, being a martial arts-heavy RPG. Originally released in 2021 to past-gen consoles, its September 2022 debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X│S means that it could do with a little pushing from Sony if it wants to make a splash for current-gen gamers.

The star of the show would of course be Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The remastered version of the award-winning action RPG trilogy, this third-person gunslinging sci-fi epic has been keeping us entertained for well over a decade now. 

With remastered visuals to truly enhance your experience of all three games, we can’t help but cross our fingers that billbil-kun’s impressive track record holds strong for one more month.

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