Control up to 10 PCs for a year for just $3.48 with Remote PC

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When it comes to remote access solutions, few come with the sort of pedigree that RemotePC offers.

From the company behind iDrive, RemotePC lets you control numerous computers from the comfort of your own desk without much trouble and at a very reasonable price. 

How reasonable? Well, how about $3.48 for the first year, a staggering 95% off the normal price, a bargain for what you get. Note that the price reverts back to normal after the first year but even then, it remains a bargain. 

Remote PC for 10 PCs |$69.55$3.48 for the first year

Remote PC for 10 PCs | $69.55 $3.48 for the first year

Connect to your work or office computer from anywhere using secure remote access with TLS v 1.2 / AES - 256 bit encryption. Transfer files/folders, even from mapped drives, between your computers. As a bonus, a new feature called Vision offers free real-time remote support beyond the screen via live video sharing with AR. Oh and you can control 10 computers for less than $0.30 per month.

You can access and remotely control up to 10 devices, that's less than $0.03 per device per month. A pittance given the scope that such a product offers; note that it is compatible with PC and Mac and you don't be able to use it either on Linux or mobile devices like the iPhone XR or the Samsung Galaxy S20

Our review of RemotePC states that "This is a great service with a good number of features and a versatile means of accessing computers remotely. If you’re part of a team that need to help a large number of users, it may well be worth giving RemotePC a serious look."

Desire Athow
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