Lenovo unveils trio of enterprise servers

Lenovo ThinkServer TD350
Lenovo ThinkServer TD350

Lenovo has launched a new range of enterprise-class server models ahead of the completion of the acquisition of IBM's x86 server business.

The two rack servers and one tower model were announced today at Intel's IDF 2014 event and will be available as of tomorrow.

The latter, the TD350, retails for $1629 (about £1,000, AU$1,800) while the RD550 starts at $1829 (about £1,100, AU$2,000) and the RD650 at $1929 (about £1,200, AU$2200).

The RD550 and RD650 are 1U and 2U servers respectively The first one can accommodate 12 drive bays giving it up to 96TB while the 2U model more than doubles that number to 26 drives, that's a whopping 208TB of data, based on Seagate's 8TB drive.

They also come with Lenovo's AnyFabric (up to four 10Gb Ethernet ports, four FC ports), AnyBay (support for SAS, SATA, PCIeSSD) and AnyRAID technologies.

Tower of power

As for the TD350, it is a 4U form factor aimed at small to mid-sized businesses and is capable of providing up to 120TB of storage (using an 8TB drive).

All three servers are designed to run permanently in an unbearably warm environment - 45 degrees Celcius - which would allow customers to loosen temperature requirements, especially in data centres.

They also use Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processor, with up to 768GB DDR4 memory for the rack servers and 512GB for the tower model.

The servers are also equipped with 80 Plus Titanium or Platinum-rated power supply units which Lenovo says are 11% more power efficient than Gold standard, which in turns reduce power wastage.

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