Microsoft launches its priciest Surface configurations yet

Surface Book
The Surface Book from Microsoft.

Been holding back on a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 purchase because the prices were a little too low? It might be time to get the credit card out, because Microsoft just put 1TB editions of its flagship laptop and 2-in-1 on sale in the United States and Canada.

The 1TB Surface Book is going to cost you a cool US$3,199 (that's $500 more than the 512GB edition) while the 1TB Surface Pro 4 is priced at $2,699 (again $500 extra than the next model below it).

The price of solid state hard drive storage has dropped in recent years, but obviously it hasn't dropped that much - you're going to need to dig deep if you need a whole terabyte of storage on the go.

Scratching the Surface itch

There's no word yet on when or if these models are going to be made available internationally - for now the Surface Book is still in the pre-order stage in the UK, for example - but if you are plotting a purchase then it might be wise to start saving.

The Surface Book, Microsoft's first self-built laptop, was announced back in October and has apparently been proving rather popular with consumers. The Surface Pro 4, meanwhile, is the latest in the Redmond company's series of Windows 2-in-1s.

And if you really want to splurge the cash on Microsoft hardware, there's now a gold Surface Pen to go with your new computing device of choice. "The new gold Surface Pen makes a bold statement as a colourful complement to your Surface that's also a powerful tool for both creativity and productivity," says Microsoft.

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