Tim Cook apologizes to China over Apple's warranty practices

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Apple's service warrants an apology in China

After catching some flack from the Chinese media about its warranty practices, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has issued an apology with a plan of action to rectify the situation.

A China Central Television Station report claimed Apple was providing better warranty service in other countries, while Chinese customers were only given repairs on broken parts, which led Cook to write this letter.

The lengthy note on Apple's Chinese website indicated the company would look into its "Three Guarantees," in which Cook was also remorseful about the company's lack of communication with Chinese consumers.

As a result, Cook stated Apple would institute for new policy adjustments designed to make the process of repair, replacement, or other warranty-related issues much more consumer friendly.

Communication breakdown

Part of Apple's new plans include better and clarified iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S repair policies, including extended warranties for devices repaired within the last year.

The model 4 phones can now be replaced or have parts replaced and repaired under warranty within one year of purchase.

Apple will add "concise and clear" warranty explanations on the official website, with an eye towards answering many questions that were left unclear previously.

The company will also offer better training and will better police the proper enforcement of warranties at Apple Authorized Service Providers, and has already provided new training materials for such staff.

Finally, Apple has opened up its site to allow feedback directly from the consumers if they have any doubts or concerns about their service provider, including items that may fall outside the jurisdiction of the other addressed changes.

This is clearly an issue Apple hoped to rectify swiftly, and should go a long way in keeping Chinese customers happy with the Cupertino company's products.