OS X Mountain Lion now available in Mac App Store

Mountain Lion to be released on July 25
Make sure your Mac can support the new version

Apple's latest desktop OS has now been released, with OS X Mountain Lion available from the Mac App Store.

It is available to Mac users as an upgrade costing $19.99 (£13.99), but if you bought your Mac computer on or after June 11, you will be able to upgrade for free. Download it now from the Mac App Store.

Apple announced during a Q3 earnings call that Mountain Lion would be released on July 25.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion does not feature a lot of major updates, but integrates iOS functionality that you can currently find on Apple's mobile devices.

This includes reminders, notifications and Twitter integration as well as Messages, Notes and Game Center.

Cloud syncing capability

Additionally, the latest version of this OS was built so users can sync their desktop to the cloud.

Now, once you download Mountain Lion, you don't have to spend hours setting up your contacts or calendar.

OS X 10.8, will use your Apple ID to automatically set up Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Messages, FaceTime and Find My Mac.

New OS makes old Macs obsolete

Last month, Apple confirmed on its official Mountain Lion upgrade page that older Macs will not support the upgrade despite being 64-bit systems.

If you want to install the new OS, make sure that your machine is compatible with this new version.

Here's the list of supported systems:

Download Mountain Lion now from the Mac App Store.