HP introduces a 64-bit ARM-based server

HP headquarters, Houston
HP headquarters, Houston

HP will launch two ARM-based servers as part of the ProLiant Moonshot portfolio. One of the servers, the HP ProLiant m400, will feature 64-bit ARM chips.

The m400, which is optimized for web caching, high performance computing and big data analytics, is estimated to provide a 35% reduction in total cost of ownership compared to rack servers, according to HP.

In addition to the m400, HP is also introducing the HP ProLiant m800 32-bit server, which the company says is built for real-time data processing of high volume, complex data. Both new servers are designed to offer IT departments a more balanced data infrastructure for a reduced cost by reducing energy requirements, providing flexibility to perform across a variety of applications and easily scaling when greater demand is necessary.

The ARM-based servers will leverage system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology and flexible fabric to offer faster connectivity and greater balance between cartridges. In addition to the servers, HP will launch the HP ProLiant Moonshot ARM-64 Developer Program, which is designed to enable developers to test and port code stacks and solutions to the ARM architecture, HP said in a statement.


Earlier this month, HP launched a portfolio of seven ProLiant Generation 9 (Gen9) Servers designed to help businesses accelerate IT service delivery, reduce IT costs and lower energy consumption.

The Gen9 servers are built to function across converged infrastructures, as well as cloud and software-defined environments. New features for the Gen9 portfolio include converged management across servers, storage and networking that will allow IT to control storage across the entire enterprise via several networks.

Compared to HP's Gen8 servers, the new lineup offers three times more compute capacity, 66 times faster service delivery, and it can handle four times the IT workload performance.