First look: Samsung's 7-inch add-on display

We checked out Samsung’s new monitor gimmick at its HQ in Suwon City, South Korea. It’s a 22-inch display connected to a secondary 7-inch display for keeping something constantly in sight as you work away on the big screen.

The two-panel 2263DX bundle will be available later this month through PC World for under £300.

The smaller screen is, explained Ami Randhawa, Samsung’s UK Product Marketing Manager for displays, designed for those who want to keep a window, such as IM software, always visible while you work on Office apps on the main screen. Perhaps it could be used for keeping an eye on a webcam or even football scores while you work.

It works using Samsung’s UbiSync multiple display tech. That means you won’t need to drive the second display off your graphics card, instead using a USB cable to connect the two. This tech works well for this kind of device, though questions have been raised about its suitability when driving larger monitors – Samsung has previously deployed the tech for other displays.

The extra display can be positioned in various locations using an arm on the back of the main monitor or even completely removed. If you want to use the display in portrait, you will need to alter the orientation in the software that comes with the bundle though.

We think it’s an interesting idea, though quite whether you’d want to have an extra display for such a purpose is another thing. Mind you, if you’re in the market for a new display anyway, it could be something to consider.


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