Clubhouse for Android is finally here; here’s how to get it

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Clubhouse is the newest social media app that has been making waves with its unique audio-only platform. After over a year of exclusivity to iOS, it is now available for Android users.

Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse is like a podcasting platform where speakers can host “rooms” and other users are free to drop in and engage in conversations. You can follow topics and celebrities too, and might even have the chance to talk to one. However, it was available only for iPhones to date. Recently, the company confirmed that the app is finally coming to Android, and starting today (May 10), you can sign up for it.

When you scale communities too quickly, things can break. So we started Clubhouse on a single platform and have expanded gradually through an invite model.

Clubhouse for Android is now rolling out in the US, followed by other English-speaking countries and the rest of the world after that. It is currently in its beta stage, so some features may not be present or work as intended. Interested people can pre-register for early access, after which they will be able to download the Clubhouse app on their Android smartphone. While it’s unclear how long the waitlist is, you can skip the line if you get invited by an existing user.

Pre-register for Clubhouse on Android

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Not so quick...

For now, the Android app has quite a few notable omissions, such as the ability to follow topics, create clubs, link Twitter or Instagram account, update the username, report a speaker, and payments — these features will be added over time before the broader rollout happens. 

While the earlier exclusivity might have helped Clubhouse gain popularity, the delay in expanding availability to Android means that it faces tough competition from rivals with similar offerings — such as Twitter Spaces. LinkedIn and Facebook are also expected to jump on the bandwagon in the near future.


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