Cisco says its new tech can predict your network issues well in advance

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Network issues can lead to huge and costly disruptions for businesses which is why Cisco has developed a new technology that can predict them before they happen.

While networks have evolved to detect and react to issues in order to maintain performance and reliability, the next logical step is for networks to predict problems before they happen. For the past two years, Cisco has been working on doing just this by using predictive models with customers across a wide variety of industries.

Cisco’s first-of-its-kind predictive analytics engine will be able to help IT teams prevent issues while elevating the user experience.

Cisco predictive networks brings together new predictive technologies with the company’s broad portfolio of observability, visibility and intelligence technologies to improve reliability and performance across all operational scenarios.

Cisco predictive networks

To predict network issues before they happen, Cisco predictive networks gather data from a myriad of telemetry sources. 

Once this data is integrated into the company’s predictive analytics engine, it learns the patterns using a variety of machine learning models and begins to predict user experience issues while providing problem solving options. Customers also have a great deal of flexibility when providing Cisco’s new solution as they can decide how far and wide they want to connect the engine throughout their network.

Chair and CEO of Cisco, Chuck Robbins provided further insight in a press release on the company’s work with predictive networks over the last two years, saying:

"The future of connectivity will rely on self-healing networks that can learn, predict and plan. Our research for predictive networks has been tested and developed with customers, and early adopters are seeing major benefits saving them time and money. The industry has been waiting for secure, proactive networking and only Cisco can do it right."

We’ll likely hear more from Cisco regarding its predictive network technology once the company is ready to release it as a full-featured product.

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