The Tesla Model S just hit Ludicrous Speed with 762 horsepower

Tesla Model S

In case you wanted more speed with a family sedan, Tesla just announced an even faster version of its Model S electric car with an optional "Ludicrous Speed Upgrade."

The Tesla Model S P85D is already an insanely fast sports sedan with 691 horsepower and now the electric car company has found a way to bump it all the way up to 762 horsepower HP.


That's a noticeably bit more horses than the 720 HP that comes inside a Lamborghini Aventador, which is an honest to God hyper car.

Faster than falling

With the extra power on tap, the new Model S will go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, about 10% faster than the old time of 3.1 seconds. To put that in perspective, the Koenigsegg Agera R, a bona fide race car, gets to 60 mph off the block in 3.2 seconds.

In a product call, Elon Musk described the acceleration as "faster than falling." In reality users will definitely feel the acceleration when they experience roughly 1.1 G of force as they're mashed into the back of their seats.

Of course this mind boggling speed also comes at a price, and shifting into Ludicrous Speed will add a $10,000 (about £6,405, AU$13,553) premium to $87,500 (about £56,047, AU$118,593) price tag for the highest end Model S sedan. For those not buying a new model, current owners will be able to upgrade their vehicle for $5,000 (about £3,202, AU$6,776) in the next six month.

Tesla also introduced a new 90kWh battery pack for $3,000 (about £1,921, AU$4,066), meanwhile, the price for the 70 kWh rear-wheel drive Model S has been cut to $70,000 (about £44,837, AU$94,874).

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