Tesla's electric sports-cars hit London

Tesla's new e-Roadster arrives at the firm's new London showroom in Kensington

Tesla's electric Roadster sports-cars are now available for you to drool over at the firm's new London showroom in Kensington.

Tesla's new showroom is also the e-car manufacturer's first outside of North America. The company has already had a dozen orders for its left-hand drive Roadster and plans to make a right-hand drive version available early in 2010.

According to The Register, Tesla hopes to shift between 50 and 100 Roadsters in its first year of business in the UK.

New Roadster arrives

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk even thinks that the wider market across Europe has "the potential to become a huge market for Tesla, bigger even than the US" as he unveiled the new Tesla Roaster Sport, which the company claims to be 15 per cent more powerful than the original Roadster.

TechRadar will be heading over to visit the new Tesla showroom later this week to ogle over and dream about owning a Roadster Sport.

The new £100,000 Tesla Roadster Sport does 60mph in 3.5 seconds, which is around 20 seconds faster than our current main form of transport.

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Via The Register