TomTom set to offer free traffic info

TomTom set to offer free map updates and traffic info later in 2010

Market-leading satnav brand TomTom is set to offer free traffic information and map updates on selected models of its in-car navigation devices later in 2010.

The move is clearly a response to Google's free Maps Navigation software, which has shook up the personal navigation device market considerably.

Free traffic updates

Tom Tom offers free lane guidance, text-to-speech and iPod control on its recently released iPhone GPS app and promises free traffic and map updates for select models of TomToms later this year.

It's nice to see a move away from the micropayments model that TomTom has relied heavily on for the past few years. Hopefully other satnav brands will see fit to follow suit.

Maybe next year they will introduce a feature that gives you free speed camera updates as well. Now that would be nice…

Via Engadget