D'oh! Homer to drive TomTom users crazy

Anyone who runs a nuclear power station is surely a trustworthy navigator

Yes, he knows where the doughnut shops are. No, he won't tell you to drive on the wrong side of the road.

And, yes, by the end of a long motorway trip you'll never want to watch The Simpsons ever again.

Homer Simpson is the latest in TomTom's sat nav range of celebrity voices that includes John Cleese, Mr T and Burt Reynolds (but not yet Stephen Hawking).

That's 'fun' as in 'painfully annoying'

According to the press release, "Homer's humorous, encouraging and sometimes unusual advice will guarantee that drivers will not only reach their destination on time, but have a lot of fun along the way."

That fun takes the form of such directions as "Take the third right. We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm… ice cream," plenty of girlish giggling and the odd "Woo-hoo!"

Damian Woodward of TomTom UK & Ireland, said, "Celebrity voices are the most popular downloads that we offer our customers to enable them to personalise their driving experience."

Voiced by Dan Castellaneta, the Homer download costs £7.95 and should work with all recent TomTom GPS sat navs. More info and voice samples at www.tomtom.com/page/simpsons.