Fujifilm in seventh heaven

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin. Fujifilm has been very busy of late creating a brace of new cameras, and the company has chosen today to announce them today… all seven of them.

First up are the five new J series compact models: the J150w, J110w, J100, J15, and J12.

If you take a gander at the pictures, you'll see that the J-series models are similar in design, and the same can be said of the spec too.

The J150w is the leader of the pack with a 10 megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom and an impressive 3in LCD. The J100 is close behind in specs, matching its brethren's pixel count of 10 megapixels.

The J15 and J12 are still pixel heavy, boasting 8.2 and 8.1 megapixels respectively, but their optical zooms are lacking, at just 3x zoom.

HD shooting

The sixth camera announced is the S2000HD. HD standing for 'hot damn'! Sorry, we read that wrong. HD is of course high definition.

It means this DSLR can take both images and movies in HD, capturing them in 16:9 format (at just 720p unfortunately). The camera also has a 13.5fps burst mode at 3MP as well as that ol' camera favourite, image stabilisation.

Main features include a 10 megapixel sensor, 15x wide angle zoom and modest 2.7in screen.

The camera also boasts super macro mode, face detection of up to 10 faces and instant zoom.

Fine pictures

The seventh and final camera that Fujifilm has announced is possibly the most impressive.

Called the FinePix F60fd, the cam contains a 3.0in LCD screen, Face Detection 3.0 and Scene Recognition software, which remembers scenes so you don't have to, pre-selecting a mode on the camera.

Megapixel-wise, the F60fd houses a powerful 12MP Super CCD sensor, and an ISO of 1600 (this goes up to 6400 at 3MP).

The camera also uses something called Real Photo Technology, which is said to deliver natural skin tones for when you take portraits, capture images with less noise for night scenes, add detail for landscape, and make macro images crisper.

You might hope this would already be the case with a 12MP sensor, but there you go.

All cameras mentioned from above should be available in September. Prices have yet to be announced, but we will update you as soon as we get word.

Marc Chacksfield

Marc Chacksfield is the Editor In Chief, Shortlist.com at DC Thomson. He started out life as a movie writer for numerous (now defunct) magazines and soon found himself online - editing a gaggle of gadget sites, including TechRadar, Digital Camera World and Tom's Guide UK. At Shortlist you'll find him mostly writing about movies and tech, so no change there then.