Best Oculus Quest 2 fitness games: get moving with VR sports

Quest 2 fitness games - A VR user is working out while wearing a headset
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Oculus Quest 2 fitness games are a great way to combine hobbies if you're an avid gamer looking for a way to incorporate fitness into your routine. They are one of the most innovative ways we can use VR technology, and they can motivate all players to pick up an exercise routine and stick with it when just jogging around the block doesn't do the trick.

With a range of different themes, exciting gameplay, and clever use of player psychology, the developers of Oculus Quest 2 fitness games show their understanding not just of people who love video games, but also how to use games to get us to do something good for us. Using VR for your living-room workout has never been easier, either – if you don't own a Quest 2 headset yet, we can help you with the best Meta Quest 2 deals and how to connect your Quest 2 to a PC to play VR games available outside the Quest 2 store.

This list offers a variety of Quest 2 fitness games to find the workout that's best for you – from rhythm games to dancing and boxing, there is something here for everyone.

Meta Quest 2 fitness games

Quest 2 fitness games: A player slashing through note block in Beat Saber

(Image credit: Beat Games)

Beat Saber

This rhythm game is a workout for body and brain
Why we love it:

Beat Saber is an iconic game in VR, and for good reason. It's incredibly addicting, which is what you want from a fitness game really. It's also incredibly approachable for players of all skill levels, so you're almost promised some fun from the moment you pick it up. 

Not only is Beat Saber one of the best VR games out there, it’s also one of the best ways to get fit using a VR headset like the Quest 2. Its deceptively simple gameplay sees you slice red and blue blocks in time to popular music tracks using dual laser swords; it’s like an aggressive version of Guitar Hero. You’re also forced to dodge around and under floating barriers that head your way.

Beat Saber asks you to prove both your musical ear and your stamina, as you're swinging your arms and dodging to the music. It's a whole-body workout, and you'll be sure to feel the burn throughout your whole body especially on higher difficulty levels that increase both the speed the blocks come flying at you and their number. However, Beat Saber also makes you feel very cool with your sabers, and before long you'll enter a flow state where you just want to keep improving. It's a simple concept, implemented so effectively that the workout part will seem like an afterthought, at least until your muscles scream the next morning. Thanks to the great music selection Beat Saber offers, it’s easy to keep pushing yourself further and further so you can achieve your goals.

Quest 2 fitness games: A player performs a flawless dance move in Dance Central

(Image credit: Harmonix)

Dance Central

Hit the club in VR
Why we love it:

Dance Central is just a bit of fun at the end of the day, and due to its diverse track list you're always bound to find something that suits your style. It's fun to try new things, which is something Dance Central massively encourages

Dance Central takes you and your friends to your own private club where you can choose exactly which songs you dance along to. This is one of the more casual Quest 2 fitness games, as Dance Central neither gives you a set regimen nor a particularly strenuous move. However, not everyone enjoys that kind of workout, and any exercise is good exercise. You can see Dance Central either as the start of your Quest 2 fitness journey or simply as a fun way to get some exercise in.

Thanks to its decently sized and diverse tracklist - with the option to purchase more songs for your library - Dance Central does a great job of getting you moving. It also helps that Dance Central looks great and has a large set of moves, so even if it's not for the sake of working out and more about learning how to be a better dancer, this game is a genuinely great option.

Quest 2 fitness games: shooting at a glowing red obstacle with a bow

(Image credit: Alzan Studios)


A satisfyingly challenging archery workout
Why we love it:

Holopoint is a little more exciting than your standard fitness game since you're tasked with defending yourself against hoards of enemies. This tense sense of combat makes it easy to dissociate the game from its fitness themes, and makes a much more enjoyable experience because of it. 

Ever wanted to feel like Hawkeye or Katniss Everdeen? Holopoint arms you with a simple bow and arrow as you try to clear through waves of targets that fire back at you as you destroy them, or attack you if you don’t break them fast enough. Targets can appear anywhere, so you’ll have to stay on your toes if you want to clear all 30 waves in its challenge mode and get the highest score possible.

This mixture of upper body and lower body movement is sure to get your heart racing. The effect is compounded by the need to aim and fire with speed to beat increasingly difficult levels. What starts as a fairly gentle warm-up quickly morphs into an intense Quest 2 fitness game that is sure to test your reaction and physical skills, making it a perfect addition to our list.

Quest 2 fitness games: A user working out in the Metaverse with Liteboxer

(Image credit: Liteboxer)


Fist meets fate
Why we love it:

Liteboxer is perfect for anyone looking to commit to a fitness regime rather than just having something that could potentially be picked up and put down and forgotten about. It requires a little more setup due to its subscription service, but that's what makes it so appealing to someone looking for a way to commit to a hobby.

Whereas other options on this list are games with a workout component, Liteboxer is designed with working out in mind. This is the VR version of the Liteboxer at-home boxing concept, which is less approachable than the Quest 2 fitness game because it requires a boxing stand in your home. As a fitness app, Liteboxer comes with perks other Quest 2 fitness games may not offer, such as trainer-led workouts and access to a community group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a boxing-focused fitness game, Liteboxer is currently the most authentic option out there. Thanks to an agreement with Universal Music, there is also a Beat Saber-style mode that lets you swing your fists to the beat of a large selection of songs. If you want to give Liteboxer VR a try there’s a free seven-day trial period. To continue beyond this you'll need to pay a monthly subscription cost of $18.99 (around £14.50).

Quest 2 fitness games: A group of enemies are unaware that the player's character is ready to shoot them in Pistol Whip

(Image credit: Cloudhead Games)

Pistol Whip

Shoot your way to fitness
Why we love it:

Pistol Whip is a little more high-stakes than your average fitness game on Oculus Quest 2. Rather than focusing solely on the fitness side of things, there's a little more challenge and more on the line, which adds to the replayability of the game and keeps you coming back for more. 

Inspired by shootouts in popular action movies, Pistol Whip lets you shoot enemies to the beat, and even offers a story campaign to keep you going. Pistol Whip is designed with exercise in mind. You’ll need to move your arms swiftly to aim at foes or drop and re-raise them in a flash to reload mid-combat. In areas filled with enemies, you’ll also find yourself having to move your whole body as swiftly as you can to dodge oncoming fire and keep your avatar alive. To avoid surprise attacks, you will always have to hold your gun at the ready – a stance that can be quite strenuous the longer you have to hold it.

Pistol Whip's presentation is great – it accurately mimics a cinematic sharpshooting fantasy, and the rhythm game aspect helps to keep you motivated. It's an intense experience that can feel like more of a workout than Beat Saber or a similar VR game. Pistol Whip is also highly customizable, allowing you to switch up your workout to suit your exercise needs.

Quest 2 fitness games: an avatar about to hit a tennis ball in Sports Scramble

(Image credit: Oculus)

Sports Scramble

A Wii Sports-style collection of fun games
Why we love it:

The variety of sports available in Sports Scramble is what makes the game so appealing. If you want to shake up your normal routine for something almost akin to Wii Sports, then this is your best bet. 

This family-friendly sports game for the Quest 2 is the best way to enjoy virtual sports from the comfort of your own home. Sports Scramble allows players to enjoy games of bowling, tennis, and baseball in VR. The game’s Scramble mode spices things up by randomly morphing balls, bats, and even courts into different sports equipment and settings at random mid-match. One minute you’ll be playing regular tennis, the next you’ll be whacking a basketball over the net with a fish. While you can choose to play more traditional versions of the sports, opting to play with random elements gives Sports Scramble a fun element that makes it a great party game.

While Sports Scramble needs at least 6.5ft (or 2m) of space so you can play without fear of bumping into anything, it offers the ideal light exercise for all ages. the presentation is cute, the scramble feature keeps you on your toes, and even without it you get several different workouts all in one neat package.

Quest 2 fitness games: hand gripping a road in a canyon in The Climb 2

(Image credit: Crytek)

The Climb 2

If you can climb it, it's included
Why we love it:

Since climbing isn't accessible for everyone, The Climb 2 is a fantastic alternative. It's a great simulation of the outdoor climbing experience without having to gear up and face harsh weather conditions. 

Featuring stunning and dynamic environments, The Climb 2 is one of the best fitness games for the Quest 2. It simulates the full outdoor climbing experience including pulling yourself up, jumping up ledges, and shimmying along in tight spaces. The Climb 2 will test your physical and mental resolve even from the safety of our living room as you attempt to scale its challenging, obstacle-filled climbs alone or in multiplayer.

The mechanics are incredibly engaging, and while they can take a little getting used to (those who suffer from motion sickness may be left feeling woozy at first) the experience is worth it.

Quest 2 fitness games: A coure on a rocky mountainside in Walkabout Minigolf

(Image credit: Mighty Coconut)

Walkabout Minigolf

A relaxing an beautiful minigolf sim
Why we love it:

Walkabout Minigolf is a charming yet simple fitness game, and is slightly more relaxed in comparison to some of the others on our list. It's gentle, marking it perfect for anyone who isn't looking to break a huge sweat during their workout - which is why we recommend it wholeheartedly. 

Not every sport is about achieving peak physical fitness, and no game among Quest 2 fitness games exemplifies that better than Walkabout Minigolf. It's what it says on the tin – you get to enjoy a range of beautiful minigold courses in VR, either alone or with friends.

The courses are not only visually stunning but also good fun to play, the controls are incredibly realistic and handle well. Just like with real minigolf, Walkabout Minigolf can be relaxing and meditative alone or in fierce competition with others. Either way, by playing this you can improve your real-life golfing skills as as well as on the real green.

Quest 2 fitness games: FAQ

Quest 2 fitness games: a man doing a squat wearing a VR headset

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Does Oculus Quest 2 have free workout games?

If a Quest 2 fitness game offers a subscription service, such as Boxlite or FitRX, you can play that game for free during its trial period. Most Quest 2 fitness games may  notnot be free, but they can can be yours with a sinple purchase.

Can you lose weight using Oculus Quest 2?

Just like with any regular exercise, you can lose weight with Quest 2 fitness games in VR, too. Check what exercises are best for your weight loss journey, then pick from the many different VR fitness games available.

How we made our best Oculus Quest 2 fitness games list

The team at TechRadar Gaming (TRG) have spent a lot of time testing games in VR, including a huge variety of fitness games. Due to our extensive testing of both the hardware and software at hand, we're confident in our abilities to recommend the best of the best when it comes to Oculus Quest 2 fitness games.  

If you want something a little more high-stakes, we've got a list of zombie games in VR that are well worth checking out. 

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