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Muzik One headphones let you share your tracks and control your home

Muzik One
Muzik One

Ever landed on a banging playlist tune on your phone, wanted to share it with friends, but couldn't be bothered actually getting your handset out and hitting that social button? Well, now you won't have to.

That is, if you buy into Muzik's vision of the future of headphones. The Twitter-backed audio start-up has, after years of teasing, finally released its Muzik One wireless over-ears, which set themselves apart from the pack with a set of programmable hot keys.

Pair the headphones up with your Facebook, Twitter or Spotify accounts, and the touch-sensitive cup keys will not only control playback, but let you send social updates on what you're listening to on those networks.


Delve deeper into the headphones' abilities, and you can use them to follow a specific artist without digging into an app, or even control home automation products using IFTTT recipes.

Available in black, silver and champagne shades, you can buy them now on the US Amazon store, priced at $299.99. That's roughly AU$400 or £220 when the cans eventually hit the other stores.