LG's X-Boom audio system has time-travelled from the 80s badlands

LG X Boom
LG X Boom

LG's new X-Boom range will take its formal bow at CES 2016, but the Korean giant have given us a sneak peek at its latest audio...erm monstrosity?

Looking like it stepped out of the 80s - and with a malevolent red glare reminiscent of several of the AIs in our artificial intelligences you should fear piece - X-Boom is either brilliantly targeted at an audience that likes its Hi-Fis to scream from the rooftops, or designed to spark divorce when either partner buys one for the family home.

In fairness, when you call something the X-Boom it's got to have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi - and this is fully prepared to smack you round the face with its blend of angles, grilles and angry angry buttons.

"Our newest Sound Bars and X-Boom audio systems present an excellent opportunity for LG to draw attention to its advanced audio products at the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world," said LG's Brian Kwon. He's not kidding about the attention.

There will be three models of X-Boom - and all feature a 'Sampler creator' that allow users to record any sound on their smartphones and 'wirelessly beam' it to mothership where it can be added to a digital soundboard that DJs can select at the touch of a button.

There's also, brilliantly, a 'party thruster lever' that allows you to create stunning multi colored light shows that sync to the audio. LG is also releasing a sound bar - which is utterly inoffensive in every way. Pfft.

Patrick Goss

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