Amazon may soon be providing your company's healthcare

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Amazon may be set to expand into yet another vertical after revealing plans to make its healthcare and telemedicine program available to other companies.

Having carried out a successful trial of Amazon Care program in Seattle, Amazon is now rolling it out to companies all over the US.

Amazon Care allows employees to access healthcare facilities without leaving their home, either remotely via chat or video conferencing or in-person for blood tests or for delivering prescriptions.

Workplace benefit

Till now the service was exclusively available to Seattle-based Amazon employees and their families, but the company is now opening up the service to other Washington-based companies before extending to businesses in other US states in the summer.

“By supplying Amazon Care as a workplace benefit, employers are investing in the health and well-being of arguably their most important asset: their employees,” notes Amazon in a blog post announcing the expansion.

The service is accessible via an app that connects users to a clinician via in-app messaging. The post includes comments from several users who used the app to access healthcare facilities for a wide range of medical emergencies including ordering Covid-19 tests, getting a flu shot, and consulting a doctor at 2AM for a coughing toddler. 

The app also adapted as per the changing customers requirements. For instance, the post notes that the app helped users get pediatric vaccines at home during the lockdown and also established a separate program to help users struggling to sleep.

Notably however, Amazon’s announcement doesn’t mention if there are any costs involved for companies that want to roll out Amazon Care for their employees. 

Via: TechCrunch

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