AEG washing machines and tumble driers are your wardrobe’s new best friends

Plucking up the courage to put the laundry on can bring on the terror-sweats. What if the color on your favorite tee fades to gray? What if that cosy wool knit jumper shrinks to lilliputian size? What if one of your 7-day socks vanishes in the void of the drum, never to be seen again? 

But with an AEG laundry system, you can rest easy. This is not a washing machine. This is not a tumble dryer. These appliances are the personal guardians of your little black dress and your super-soft wool sweater.

Whether you’re after a washing machine or a tumble dryer, AEG’s wide range of devices promise no fading after countless washes, and shrink-free speedy drying. 

From washbasket worries to tech-fuelled cleanliness 

Whether you’re picking up AEG’s affordable 6000 series models or going up through the 7000 and 8000 series to the top of the line 9000 series models, AEG’s laundry appliances will leave your clothes feeling fresh, crisp and as good as new after every cycle. 

They do this using dozens of unique technologies that ensure not only the deepest cleans, but that the fibres of your clothes are protected too. 

Take AEG’s ProSense technology. Rather than putting your garments through unnecessary, damaging cycles, each load is weighed and each cleaning run tailored (balancing water amount, cycle time and more) so that your clothes are spun just right to get them back looking their best. ProSense is in every AEG machine from the 6000 series up. 

Grab a 7000 series washer or higher and you’ll enjoy the benefits of ProSteam tech, while 7000 series dryers make use of SensiDry smarts. ProSteam adds a quick steam finish to the end of a wash cycle, reducing creases and the need to apply harmful hot irons to delicate items, while SensiDry likewise ensures tumble-dried clothes aren’t exposed to unnecessary heat. 

All these features carry over to the 8000 series too, while additionally adding ÖKOMix features to the washing machines and AbsoluteCare to the driers. ÖKOMix protects each and every fibre in your garments by pushing detergent and softener through a thorough filtration system, making sure the cleaning mixture evenly and gently immerses your clothes, while the AbsoluteCare system tailors temperatures and drum movements so that you can dry even silk with confidence. 

You get all this too with the ultimate 9000 series, as well as SoftWater technology, which works to beat back the harmful effects of washing clothes in a hardwater area. 

You love your clothes, and you can love doing the laundry too. An AEG appliance gives you peace of mind and shop-fresh clothes with every wash.

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