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Fanatec Headshot Controller review

A poorly executed gaming set

Fanatec Headshot
We thought that the Headshot looked like the cobbled together out of parts of an old Spectrum 128K

Our Verdict

Ugly and awkward, this is almost certainly not worthy of 80 of your hard earned pounds


  • Besides the coiled tail, there's little to like


  • Looks awful
  • Expensive
  • Not very responsive or accurate

It's not everyday that something this plasticky, this tastelessly strewn with LEDs, this needlessly gimmicky, lands on my desk – yet today, I've been blessed.

After torturing my digits with Fanatec's atrocious, articulated Speedster gaming pad last month, I felt duty-bound to check out its Headshot mouse and pad combo.

For eighty pound coins, I don't think I'm alone in wanting something that's actually been designed rather than cobbled together out of parts of an old Spectrum 128K. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the mouse mat looks like; well, apart from the gruesome translucent LED-lit arc that holds the coiled mouse cable above the greasy surface, that is.

Frustrating device

But it's actually that slippery surface that is the standout feature of this combo. The fugly, ergonomic nightmare that is the mouse slides effortlessly across the matte black, making fine movement in games and on the desktop simple. The Razer Destructor is still my current pad of choice, but the surface of the Headshot's approaches its equal.

What about accuracy of input? Well, everyone on our team found that pinpointing targets with the grotesque charade of a mouse is mediocre, and its only positive feature is the coiled tail suspended by the plastic arc o' light. It successfully keeps the cable from getting snagged and impeding your gaming.

For less money, you can pick up the simple, but effective Destructor and the beautiful Logitec G9 laser mouse. That would be my choice.