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Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 review

Easy and fun, but that doesn't mean it'll sound any good

The most obvious flaw with the Mobile DJ MP3 is in the sliders used for the crossfader and volume/pitch

Our Verdict

The concept is sound but the Mobile DJ MP3 is too poorly executed to recommend


  • Portable


  • Poor sliders
  • No on-board storage

As far as we're concerned, DJing is witchcraft - transmuting Kylie Minogue into Tom Jones in any way deserves a certain level of acclaim.

This is why we're deeply suspicious of anything that claims to make it 'easy', or even worse 'fun'. Hercules' new DJ console is aimed at rank amateurs, but is it actually possible to mix on something that's designed to be carried around at a party?

We've got no problem with the concept of a wireless, portable DJ console, but unfortunately it seems compromises have been made which undermine this device's capabilities.

The most obvious flaw is in the sliders used for the crossfader and volume/pitch - there's very little travel, meaning precise pitch adjustments are nigh-on impossible, and the fader sticks slightly to let you know where the centre is, which is infinitely less useful than smooth movement.

Also, though there's plenty of info on the screens when you're mixing, you're still best picking your songs on the PC, and while the software is OK, it doesn't compare to Virtual DJ, which has been bundled with previous consoles.

We're hoping this first-gen mobile DJ unit will pave the way for an improved model, with better sliders, a headphone slot on the unit and a power supply for when you're DJing at your desk.

This may be aimed at amateurs, but they're going to find it difficult to produce anything other than an unbearable beat clash. If you're serious about DJing, grab one of Hercules' better consoles, otherwise we'd suggest finding a less complex hobby.