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Uniloc System 1700 with 30 ball head review

A tripod design with a difference, but does it work?

The innovative design of the Uniloc tripods is one that people will either love or hate

Our Verdict

The Uniloc is tricky but brilliant. Nothing else offers this combination of speed, flexibility and engineering. You’ll either love it or hate it. Uniloc is a small firm and tracking down one of these beasts isn’t so easy


  • Quick to set up
  • Flexible
  • Once mastered, this is a great tripod


  • Can be tricky to get used to
  • Finding one can be tough

Uniloc tripods use a curved centre bolt to link both their legs and their centre column.

The legs and the column can move independently, and much more rapidly than conventional tripods.

Until you get used to it, though, it's like trying to wrestle with a robotic octopus, but once you master it there's a good chance you'll never use a conventional tripod again.

Unique design

The design means you can use the centre column as a horizontal or diagonal boom at any angle, and it takes just moments to set up.

The 'System' version has a multi-section column that can be assembled and reassembled using inset grub screws and an allen key. You can have a short column, a long column, an extra-long 'hinged' column.

Disadvantages? The two-section legs are long when folded and don't give the same height as the others when extended.