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Facebook is about to shake up your timeline... again


Facebook has announced that your news feed will change to firmly put the focus back on family and friends.

Facebook has come under fire for pushing partner content, but has realised that people prefer regular updates on what Uncle Richard is getting up to on his annual trip to Bahrain.

In a blog post released today Facebook states that people's news feed should then both "inform…[and] entertain".

Facebook also states that authenticity is key: "The feedback we've gotten tells us that authentic stories are the ones that resonate most". Obviously this comes a few weeks too late to impact on the Brexit discussions.

However, Facebook also admits that whilst it 'Likes' giving you more of what you want to see, it's not without selfish reasons.

Simply put, it wants to give you what you want, because you "are more likely to spend time on News Feed and enjoy their experience".