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Jump into faster Wi-Fi with D-Link

The DKT-410 features D-Link's sturdy DIR-635 Wireless N broadband router

D-Link is hoping to make switching to draft 802.11n networking simpler with the release of its new DKT-410 Wireless N Starter Kit.

The DKT-410 bundle consists of D-Link's DIR-635 Wireless N Router and a DWA-140 Wireless N USB 2.0 adapter. As D-Link points out, these two bits of hardware give you everything you need to create your own draft 802.11n network. Albeit a very small one.

The launch of the DKT-410 precedes the draft 2.0 certification process that the Wi-Fi Alliance has recently announced for June. Nevertheless, D-Link guarantees that its DKT-410 kit will be "fully 802.11n compatible" via downloadable 2.0 firmware upgrades.

It's worth remembering that the 802.11n specification itself is unlikely to be finalised until March 2009 at the earliest.

In the meantime, draft 2.0 builds upon the original draft 802.11n specification, which offers 5x faster transfer speeds (rated at 300Mbit/s) and greater range.

The advantages of draft 2.0 over the previously agreed draft 1.10 version are better interoperability and reliability. Products from different manufacturers using draft 2.0 should work seamlessly together, while range and throughput should be more reliable.

D-Link says that the DKT-410 is available to buy now and has an RRP of £140.