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Sansa vs Zune: head shaving wars

SanDisk's Sansa MP3 players come in many shapes and sizes

When Microsoft launched its new Zune line-up a few weeks ago, MS president Robbie Bach said the Zune would be the Number Two MP3 player in the US by Christmas. But now a US journalist and a PR rep from current Number Two, SanDisk, say they will shave their heads if Microsoft manages it.... and Robbie Bach has been challenged to shave his head if it doesn't.

"I, too, am so confident about SanDisk's Sansa product line up for the holidays that I'll put my head of hair on the line, too..." said Carm Lyman at SanDisk in an email to ZDnet hack David Berlind. "If we lose our Number Two stake you can shave my head as well. You and I would be taking to the shears together. That's how confident I am about SanDisk and the great products we have this holiday season."

"I'll shave my head"

It seems highly unlikely that Microsoft will be able to claim the Number Two slot in the US. It would need to steal market share from not only SanDisk but also Creative which sits in front of Microsoft in third spot.

SanDisk currently has over 300 per cent more market share than Microsoft, so it would take a massive Zune sales boom to cause an upset.

Microsoft man Robbie Bach has yet to respond to SanDisk's challenge.

James Rivington

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