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Apple to refresh all Mac line-ups?

Could the iMac be about to appear in a black model?

Apple may be about to refresh its Mac product lines, according to MacScoop - and the updates could, potentially, include a black iMac.

The "tipsters" consulted by the site say the announcements could come as soon as March, and that topping the bill will be a black iMac.

MacScoop also says the XServe series, MacPros and Mac minis could be in line for a spruce-up as they have served the longest time since they were last refreshed.

A black iMac would make sense; it's the machine designed to appeal most to iPod purchasers who fancy a bit more Apple kudos. iPods and iPod nanos have been available in black for some time, of course.

The reports would tie-in with the rumoured March or April appearance of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple's latest operating system.