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Red Nexus 5 exposed in trove of cloak-and-dagger Twitter pics

Red Nexus 5
Clues are stacking up

We pick up where our fellow gadget gumshoe left off.

Another clue has stumbled into the case of the red Nexus 5. Make that a whole mess of clues, a rarity in this crazy mixed-up world of smartphone sleuthing.

By way of @artyomstar, our peepers spy a legitimate-looking Nexus 5 box, identical to the one you'd find encasing the black or white version save for the red hue of the kit on the cover.

Red or dead

Our tipster went one further - upon opening the box, a scarlet Nexus 5 stared us straight in the face. At first glance the stamped "Nexus" is as hard to read as a fog-shrouded street sign, but a second look reveals the lettering right where it should be.

Are we any closer to finding this handset put up in the Play Store? That, unfortunately, is a mystery for another day.

Via Engadget