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Is Apple patenting touching?

Two No, Jobs?
Two No, Jobs?

Apple love to protect what they create - even to the extent of things they don't even own, as in the case of the iPhone name trademark dispute with Cisco back in the day.

But the fruit-monikered company has now applied for 34 more patents, which cover nearly every touch based aspect of device you can think of.

This includes touching with a fingernail, finger pad or rubber tipped finger caps…Apple iPuppet coming soon?

Power proximity

Also present are proximity sensors to help save power; if a user is using a keyboard and multi-touch pad, the computer can sense if one is inactive and switch it off to conserve power.

And probably the most interesting patent is Apple's plans to bring the multi-touch system to more devices, which could include a wider variety of desktops, notebooks, or even other product branches not yet present in the range.

MacNN has got the full run down of patents in all their technological and complex glory, so if you're into that sort of thing be sure to check them out.