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Apple to top mobile PC sales charts in 2012?

iPad 2 - portable PC or something else?
iPad 2 - portable PC or something else?

A report is suggesting that Apple could overtake HP at the head of some portable computer rankings next year, when you factor in sales of iPads and Macs.

Although the portable computing category is a little hard to define as lines between phones, tablets and laptops blur, DigiTimes believes that Apple could overtake the mighty Hewlett Packard in global sales.

The rise and rise of the iPad 2 means that it is expected to sell in the region of 40 million units, and when you factor in Macbook sales as well at around 15 million that gives it a much larger share of the market than HP.

Serious contenders

Although this can be seen as merely a definition issue, the fact is that portable PC sales are a very important industry league table and one which the biggest names take very seriously.

No doubt HP will be keen to separate out tablet sales, with its own slate – the HP TouchPad unlikely to hold a candle to the well-established iPad.

Should the TouchPad, along with any other slate-like offerings from HP, start to have a real impact, or we split out laptops from tablets then it may all be moot.

But, Apple investors may find their stock boosted by a very positive headline next year.

Patrick Goss

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