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Serious security flaw found in Facebook's privacy settings

Facebook privacy comes into question
Facebook privacy comes into question

A massive security flaw has been found on Facebook, which allows users to see personal information about their friends, including friend requests and more.

The flaw was found by TechCruch who have posted a video of just how to see other people's information without doing any hacking.

Privacy problem

It seems there is a loophole in the security preferences of the site, in the section where you can preview security changes you have made and see what your profile looks like to other people.

Once you do this, a simple refresh allows you to see sensitive information of that person, and even their chat windows if they have been left open.

There has been no statement as of yet from Facebook, but Chat is currently disabled on the site.

TechRadar has tried out the flaw on willing participants and it does seem legit. We saw the pending friend requests of our friends and were told how many notifications they had.

Facebook has been very public about its privacy changes – changes which have not been popular with the public.

Although this privacy loophole is likely to be closed sharpish, the consequences of such an oversight may be far reaching.

TechRadar has contacted Facebook for comment.