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Facebook games make more money than traditional games

Buying stuff in FarmVille is proving popular
Buying stuff in FarmVille is proving popular

Facebook games like FarmVille could be taking more cash than most traditional console games if estimations by gaming site IGN are to be believed.

The site slotted Facebook games like FarmVille into the top 10 games of 2010, taking both number of players and estimated money made into account.

Although Call of Duty: Black Ops retains its top spot, four Facebook games stormed the list, with CityVille and FarmVille taking the second and third spots, beating big hitters like Halo Reach and Red Dead Redemption quite comfortably.

Zynga's 'Ville franchise, the bane of our news feeds, has things quite nicely sewn up with FrontierVille also featuring in the top 10.

An element of guestimation

The numbers are slightly guestimated, based on research findings that 10 per cent of people who play Facebook games pay real money for in-game purchases, and that the average player who makes in-game purchases spends around $55 (£34).

Even so, the chart gives a good idea of how social gaming is raking in the cash and its small, repeated purchases are proving more lucrative than traditional high-box-price games.