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More Apple netbook rumours emerge

Apple preparing a netbook... again?
Apple preparing a netbook... again?

Rumours of Apple's forthcoming netbook have been given another little piece of solidity by a Taiwanese touch panel manufacturer confirming it is supplying larger panels to Apple, with shipments set to start in the second half of the year.

The 'Apple netbook' rumours are starting to get as boring as the iPhone 3G / Nano / Flip / whatever rumblings that go on for ages, but it appears Apple is doing something with larger touchscreens, and a netbook seems the most likely.

Striking a deal

According to Commercial Times in China, the company has confirmed it has struck a deal with Apple, with Quanta Computer lined up to make the units themselves.

The rumours will have to be taken with a pinch of salt, before diving into a massive pile of the same substance, given that Tim Cook has previously stated: "We think the products are inferior".

He also stated that the current netbooks have "cramped keyboards" and "small displays", which might sound like Apple is not coming out with such a device.

But it could perhaps be taken as Apple gearing up for an assault on another market, and given its computing prowess you certainly wouldn't bet against the Macbook mini taking on the incumbents and winning.

From Digitimes via Engadget