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Apple iPad fridge magnet mount announced

FridgePad - nifty
FridgePad - nifty

A British design company has unveiled a novel iPad fridge magnet mount – putting your gadget at the centre of your kitchen.

The FridgePad from Woodford Design, is as you have probably gathered by now, an iPad mount that magnetically sticks your Apple tablet to your fridge.

"The FridgePad magnetically mounts your iPad to your kitchen fridge so it's at the heart of your home and in a perfect location for all the family to use," explains the company's release.

Clipped in

"The FridgePad can be used in landscape or portrait mode, allows the iPad to be simply clipped in and out for fast access and provides a great safe and secure place to store your iPad," it continues.

"The FridgePad is an accessory to make the iPad work better for you. This really is one of those products that once you have tried it you'll love it."

Woodford points out that the design offers replaceable corner clips – meaning you can change it for the iPad mark II or your Windows 7 tablet.

Oddly, TechRadar had called for a magnetic iPad fridge dock back at the beginning of June.

And it's certainly handy for those people who need to look up recipes but don't want their iPad sitting on their work surface.

The FridgePad has a UK release date of Autumn 2010 and will cost £49.