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Self-driving car tech trialled in Sweden

Volvo runs latest tests on self-driving 'semi-autonomous' cars in Sweden
Volvo runs latest tests on self-driving 'semi-autonomous' cars in Sweden

Volvo has been trialling the latest 'road train' tech in Sweden, which effectively allows cars to drive themselves.

The Swedish car manufacturer's latest technology enables cars to follow a lead vehicle in a a 'semi-autonomous' convoy.

Improved safety and efficiency

Volvo's latest trials allow a car to be automatically driven behind a lorry as a 'slave' vehicle, with the company hoping that the tech can be developed in future to massively improve fuel efficiency and safety on the roads.

With increased traffic clogging up our cities and motorways, the promise of new systems which could cut congestion is currently something that car manufacturers are keen to research and develop.

Volvo's R&D team hopes to see the technology being used on Europe's road network within the next ten years.

The latest semi-autonomous driving tech is part of a European Commission research project known as Sartre - Safe Road Trains for the Environment (and nothing to do with the French existentialist philosopher!).

You can see Volvo's promotional video of the latest trial online, which shows how drivers might join a convoy and then take their hands off the wheel and let their car drive itself, while they kick back and read a book or do something less boring instead!

Via BBC News