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Apple gives Beats by Dre the penthouse pad in its online store

Beats Headphones
Now you know it's serious

Now that Apple and Beats are officially a pair, the Cupertino company isn't wasting any time in moving all of Dr. Dre's Beats headphones into its online store.

The iPhone maker quietly added a new Beats by Dre section to the online Apple Store right next to its official accessory lines like headphones, exclusive items and gift cards.

The newly added microsite includes Beats headphones, speakers and other sound accessories all presented on a splashy Apple-styled product page. While Apple has been selling Beats products for a while, they've been given more favored status now rather than simply existing as a quick listing among all the other accessories on sale.

What the Doctor ordered

Apple's self-made ear buds are still available on the web marketplace and we don't expect they'll being going away anytime soon. But at Apple's next big product announcements - say, the one happening September 9 - we wouldn't be surprised to see the iPhone maker roll out some new EarPods engineered by the Doctor himself.

As part of the $3 billion (about £1.79b, AU$3.25b) acquisition agreement with Apple Beats Electronics shuttered its own store days ago and began directing customers to Cupertino's online shelves.

  • Will the iPhone 6 come with BeatPods included?