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Why you probably won’t get a Nintendo Switch Lite deal this Black Friday

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Black Friday 2019 is just around the corner and as ever, we're eager to get our hands on some of the best gaming deals of the year. 

While we're expecting to see some great Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals on offer, don't hold your breath for discounts on Nintendo's new handheld device: the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Released in September, the Nintendo Switch Lite (or Switch Lite) is the latest addition to the Nintendo console family, offering a smaller, lighter alternative to the original hybrid Nintendo Switch - with a sole focus on handheld gaming.

If you've been waiting for Black Friday to pick a Switch Lite for cheap, then we've got bad news: it's probably not going to happen. And here's why.

It's a new product

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The Nintendo Switch Lite just released in September, 2019 - so it's still a pretty new product and Nintendo isn't going to be keen on discounting it.

This was the case with the original Nintendo Switch shortly after its release in 2017. While we didn't see Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch console and bundles during Black Friday two years ago, we started seeing some during Black Friday 2018 when the product had been on the market for at least a year. Even then, there weren't huge numbers of offers - but we'll come back to that.

It's more likely you'll pick up a deal next year. But it's worth remembering that, while you may not be able to grab a discount on the console itself, most Nintendo Switch games work on the Switch Lite (except the likes of Nintendo Labo or games which require HD Rumble) and there will definitely be deals on those. 

Last year we saw discounts on the likes of Pokémon: Let's Go and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so expect those to come around again. 

Nintendo isn't big on discounts

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Nintendo isn't usually a fan of discounting its hardware, but we did see some good Nintendo Switch bundle deals last Black Friday. 

Typically we won't see Nintendo offering big discounts in-house or on the Nintendo eShop but the likes of Amazon and Walmart tend to do great deals when it comes to Switch bundles, accessories and games. 

However, that doesn't mean they'll be able to offer the Nintendo Switch Lite for cheap - they need permission from the House of Mario for that. We expect neither external retailers or Nintendo to be offering Switch Lite discounts until next Black Friday.

While there may not be official Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deals on the horizon, you can still check out the best deals on the Switch Lite below: