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What to do if you forget your Microsoft Teams login

Here's how to recover your Microsoft Teams login details

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Forgetting your password to one of your many online tools can be a pain. But for Microsoft Teams users, this could create significant problems. In the event that an important meeting is about to start, forgetting your login details could be a bad look professionally. 

What’s more, Microsoft Teams has become much more than a video conferencing tool. It is now employed to facilitate collaboration in a multitude of ways - an inability to gain access to the platform is sure to hinder productivity. If organizations are using Teams to facilitate remote or hybrid working, another problem emerges. When you're sat in your home office, it’s not so easy to turn to an IT administrator to regain access to your Teams login details. 

However, wherever you are working from, retrieving your Teams login is nothing to stress about. We’ll take you step-by-step regarding what you should do below:

Step One: Retrieve your account email

Microsoft account

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Although this may be less likely than forgetting your password, the sheer number of email accounts that some individuals possess may mean that they forget which one is registered to the Teams account they need access to. If that’s the case, you can use the security info associated with your Microsoft account to retrieve your Teams username. 

If that doesn’t work - perhaps you didn’t set up security information in the first place - it’s a good idea to check other Microsoft products that you might be logged into. For example, from a Windows 10 device that you are already signed into, you can access Setting, followed by Accounts. Then, under “Email & app accounts” you’ll be able to find the usernames connected with the device. This could be the same one that you use to access Teams, or if not, may at least jog your memory regarding what the correct credentials are. 

Step Two: Attempt to login

Microsoft Teams Password Reset

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If you know the username or email address associated with your Teams account but have forgotten the password, retrieving it follows a similar process to many other software solutions. Firstly, visit the Teams login page - whether you normally use the web client or a desktop app. Then, when asked for your credentials, select “Forgot password?”

Step Three: Verify your identity

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Before Teams will provide you with a new password, it first has to verify your identity. To do so, it will ask you to select a verification option. Users will be presented with two methods: Email or Text. 

After selecting a verification method, users will then be asked for a few extra details. If you selected “Email,” you’ll need to retype the first part of your email address, while if you chose “Text,” you’ll be asked for the four digits of the telephone number connected to your Teams account. Regardless of which option you selected, you should receive a verification code. If you chose “Email” and haven’t received a code after a few minutes have passed, make sure you check your spam folder.

Step Four: Enter the verification code

Microsoft Teams Verification Code

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After you’ve clicked “Get Code,” Teams users will be presented with a screen asking them for their verification code. Enter the code you’ve received and select “Next”. You will not be offered the chance to create a new password. Enter it here and you should be able to access Teams again. 

When creating a new password, it’s important to go with something that hackers won't be able to guess. Don’t re-use passwords or include information like dates of birth or names of family members that might be easy to find online. If in doubt, you can always use a password manager to generate a strong password that will secure your Teams access without meaning you have to remember a complex string of characters (or even worse, write them down).

Step Five: Sign in

Microsoft Teams Sign in

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Once you’ve reset your Microsoft Teams password, it’s a good idea to check your new credentials by attempting to sign in. Open up Teams (or use a web browser to access the online version) and you should see the login page. Enter your Microsoft account email address, followed by your newly reset password. At this point, you could tick the box that says “keep me signed in” to reduce the chances of you needing to reset your password again. 

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