Saints Row characters: everyone in the reboot

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With an all-new cast of Saints Row characters to get to know, your latest gang is full of fresh faces.

But what does the new cast of the Saints Row reboot have going on? Since they're all new, you'll have to get acquainted with a fresh group of malcontents when forming your new Saints family. Whether you're zooming around in the Saints Row wingsuit or just trying to figure out how to make money in Saints Row, your new gang members are going to have your back.

Since everyone in the gang is too poor to live alone, they start out as your roommates – proving that only high-level crime pays. But pretty soon you'll be living a whole lot larger, as your criminal enterprise takes off. Before you start to build up and compete with the other Saints Row factions, it's a good idea to get to know everyone. After all, it would be pretty awkward to be around family you don't know. Kind of like the mafia version of Thanksgiving dinner with the extremely extended family.

Saints Row characters

Saints Row characters – The Boss

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As the avatar for the player, and a totally customizable main character, The Boss will look however you want them to. As far as how they act, The Boss does speak, setting them apart from the totally strong, silent type, but you're still going to be sticking with the formula of the previous Saints games. Characterization is all over the map, tied largely to your three compatriots' stories and personalities.

The Boss does have a bit of background to set them up, though it's not a lot. Like so many in our world, they're getting crushed by student debt and end up working a bunch of low-paying for-hire jobs after moving to Santo Ileso. The majority of those are for Marshall Defense Industries, and the series of events that lead into the main story begins there.

Saints Row characters – Eli

Saints Row characters - Eli

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Well dressed and straight out of a childhood in the Midwest, Eli is set up as the planning and logistics mastermind of the Saints crew. His family are Nigerian immigrants to the US – an economist father and biochemist mother – who drilled hard work and big dreams into him.

While he came originally to Santo Ileso to found the next big thing and strike it rich, it turned out that he's just as good at crime. Thankfully, Eli's morals are just as flexible as the rest of the crew, and he fits in perfectly with their desire to stack up cash. Instead of coming from another major gang like the rest of the Saints, Eli starts as a bit of a free agent who made some bad real estate investments – though he's still a roommate and close with the rest of the crew. Just don't expect him to be as eager to grab any of the Saints Row weapons and dive into that side of things.

Saints Row characters – Kevin

Saints Row characters - Kevin

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A people-pleaser who spent his childhood in foster homes, Kevin's personality is all about feeding off the happiness and energy of the people around him. With no family to speak of before falling into the crew, Kevin has finally built a family of his own with the Saints. Now, he spends his time and energy as his chosen families caretaker, when he isn't partying or working out.

Originally, Kevin came to Santo Ileso with The Idols gang, loyal to their ideas about equality and creating a better world for people. He's worked as a DJ and knows the party scene – and practically every other scene too, since Kevin always seems to know somebody.

Saints Row characters – Neenah

Saints Row characters - Neenah

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As the dedicated – and borderline obsessive – wheelwoman for the Saints, Neenah is a spectacular driver and mechanic, but there's more to her than just the surface. Her parents were both mechanics, and after losing her mother to cancer in her teens, she decided to follow their advice and go to college. Once she had her degree in anthropology and art history, she found out just how hard it was to get a job with a museum.

While she did eventually find something – landing an unpaid internship at the Museum of Santo Ileso – Neenah lasted less than a month before she ended up working as a mechanic for the Panteros. She ditched them for her roommates, liking their close connection and prospect of hitting the big time. She still hopes that she can use the money from the Saints to chase her dreams.

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