Saints Row factions: all the reboot gangs

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Getting to know all the Saints Row factions is critical if you want to know what to expect from them. Or more importantly, know how they're going to try to kill you.

With the Saints Row reboot, you'll be taking to the streets of Santo Ileso to guide The Boss to the top, clawing your way over your rivals to build your own criminal enterprise. But what gangs are you going to have to elbow out of the way to get you're due? While looking your best with all the Saints Row customization available can open doors for you, it won't tell you what's behind them. Some of the Saints Row characters will at least give you a little insight into their former gang, but for the rest, you'll need some help.

Thankfully, before you grab one of your favorite Saints Row weapons to take them on, you can learn a little about The Idols, Los Panteros, and Marshall Defense Industries and what to expect when each of them comes after you. Since the Saints Row reboot is set to come out on PS5Xbox Series X|S, PS4Xbox One, and PC, it doesn't look like any of us will be safe.

Saints Row factions

Saints Row factions: The Saints

Saints Row factions - The Saints building

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Sick of doing grunt work for the other street gangs, Eli, Kevin, Neenah, and Boss go from being roommates to the founders of The Saints, a brand new criminal enterprise based out of an old church in the Mercado district. Thankfully, you won't have to face The Saints, since they're your own faction - and precisely the one you'll be building up with each new truckload of cash you bring in.

Your new gang isn't the 3rd Street Saints though, and your enemies aren't the same as the older Saints Row games. So since we're measuring things up, let's see how they compare.

Saints Row factions: Los Panteros

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The Los Panteros are basically the Dom Torreto of the Saints Row reboot – all about family and fast cars. They're in control of the Rancho Provedencia district, and you'll find the whole area crawling with Scorpion-brand muscle cars that they've wrenched up for performance. They've even set up their headquarters in an abandoned Scorpion factory, just to make their brand loyalty even more apparent.

Favoring melee combat, expect to find the Los Panteros rushing you with sledgehammers as often as they'll hose you down with bullets, so be wary of their members getting close – all that wrenching on cars builds pretty big muscles, and they hit hard.

In your own crew, Neenah was once a member of the Los Panteros, working as a mechanic for them before getting sick of being paid peanuts for crime and jumping ship to join The Saints. 

Saints Row factions: The Idols

Saints Row factions - The Idols graffiti all over stuff

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Anarchists, disruptors of the status quo, and altogether troublemakers – The Idols embrace technology and have set a course to destroy the system. You'll find them wearing bright colors and LED-lit neon masks and zipping around in go-karts and dirt bikes. When they aren't vandalizing everything in sight or partying, you'll find The Idols taking on crimes from kidnapping to all kinds of assorted theft and violence. 

Big parties, raves, and great music are the hallmark of Idols recruiting, and their members drop more and more of their own identity as they get deeper into the gang, and even the leadership is simply called 'The Collective'. Likewise, expect to find them moving fast and in numbers when you have to fight them.

The Idols have taken over Monte Vista, and you can find them running roughshod over the area's luxury houses. From your own people, Kevin used to be a DJ for The Idols before he decided to throw in with The Saints instead. 

Saints Row factions: Marshall Defense Industries

Saints Row factions - Marshalls talking to each other

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You'll quickly get familiar with Marshall Defense Technologies, since The Boss works for them when you get started. That doesn't last long though, since you'll strike out on your own to found The Saints pretty quickly, and Marshall doesn't take kindly to competition. Essentially a private military corporation, Marshall is responsible for doing all kinds of black-ops and questionable muscle-for-hire military stuff all around the world. 

With all the money they've raked in, it's no surprise that the Marshall gang has countless toys and gadgets, from hoverbikes to heavy weaponry straight out of the movies. Needless to say: you aren't going to want to be down-range of their firepower.

You'll find them looking like they belong at a country-western bar with their cowboy attire in whites and blues, taking over the skyscrapers of Lakeshore from their Marshall Building headquarters.

Now you know everything you need to about the main players in the Saints Row reboot. As you can see, despite coming in all sorts of different flavors, the enemy factions in Saints Row are all hell-bent on ruining your day. Time to lock and load. 

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