Saints Row weapons: your arsenal in the upcoming game

Saints Row Weapons, two gangers with assault rifles
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In a recent preview, we got our hands on a whole range of Saints Row Weapons in the upcoming reboot. Eclectic weaponry has always been a staple of the Saints Row series, so we were keen to catalog every single bespoke murder-option the game has to offer.

Though the Saint’s Row reboot has potentially dropped some of what made it so appealing (as per our Saint's Row preview), many eagerly await the August 23 release of this reimagining of the iconic series. Despite Saints Row seeing delays, the title is imminently set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia, the game is poised for a high-profile launch. Aiming to walk a fine line between the zany and the surprisingly serious, it’s safe to say that the reboot is ambitious.

If tweaking with Saints Row's free character creator wasn’t enough, our list of 24 weapons we discovered in the preview will give you the fix you need while you wait for the release. From crowbars to SMGs, a vast buffet of delectable options awaits the discerning weapon enjoyer. So sit back, relax and enjoy our list of all the killing machines we’ve discovered (so far) in the Saints Row Reboot.

Saints Row weapons guide

Saints Row Weapons: assault rifles

K-8 Krukov AR

Saints Row Weapons Guide, K-8 Krukov AR

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A reliable workhorse,  the Krukov makes for a solid starting weapon, great for mowing down your enemies with reliable efficiency. 

AR-55 Burst Rifle

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Burst Rifle

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Precise, accurate and efficient, this rifle will suit anyone who prefers controlled bursts of fire over the classic spray-and-pray. 

.585 Safari Express Rifle

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Safari Rifle

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This single-shot rifle packs a serious punch, but it's slow to reload. Best not to miss. 

Saints Row Weapons: shotguns

AS3 Ultimax Shotgun

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Ultimax Shotgun

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This accurate, rapid-fire shotgun makes up for a lack of damage output with sheer speed. 

MDI-50 Tac Shotgun

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Tac Shotgun

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An automatic, double action weapon, the Tac shotgun packs a serious wallop, if you can keep it pointed in the right direction. 

Stagecoach Shotgun

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Stagecoach Shotgun

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With a slow reload time but extremely high stopping power, the Stagecoach Shotgun is a must if you want to finish fights quickly and brutally.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Sawn-Off Shotgun

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A classic short-range lead thrower. Need we say more? 

Police Shotgun

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Police shotgun

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The Police Shotgun is a jack of all trades. Single barrelled with decent accuracy, it gets the job done. 

Saints Row Weapons: SMGs

Machine Pistol SMG

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Machine Pistol SMG

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Small but deadly, this classic SMG lets you spray-and-pray with impunity.


Saints Row Weapons Guide, TEK SMG

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Somewhere between a traditional SMG and a rifle, this weapon sacrifices fire rate for accuracy. 

D4th Blossom SMG

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Death Blossom SMG

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The D4th Blossom has a rate of fire bordering on the obscene. It's a great weapon, provided you don't mind where your bullets actually go. 

1921 Johnson SMG

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Johnson SMG

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Easily the classiest SMG, the 1921 Johnson is refined, sophisticated and versatile. 

Saints Row Weapons: pistols

KA-1 Kobra Pistol

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Kobra Pistol

(Image credit: Future)

This reliable starter pistol isn't particularly exciting, but it's a solid all-rounder nonetheless. 

Idol Lite Pistol

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Idol Pistol

(Image credit: Future)

Fast, agile and peppy, this rapid-fire pistol is sure to put a spring in your step. 

Handcannon .44

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Handcannon

(Image credit: Future)

Slow, heavy and powerful, the Handcannon can inflict some serious damage.

ElectroStun P1200

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Taser

(Image credit: Future)

This shocking addition to your arsenal offers a more humane, but no less impressive solution to your problems.  

MDI-39m Sixguns

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Sixguns

(Image credit: Future)

This handheld missile launcher barely qualifies as a pistol, but the explosions are so satisfying that you won't care. 

Saints Row Weapons: melee weapons


Saints Row Weapons Guide, Axe

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Why not take this classic brawling implement out for a swing?


Saints Row Weapons Guide Crowbar

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Whether it comes to opening boxes or chest cavities, the humble Crowbar will see you through. 

MDI-12 Stun Baton

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Stun Baton

(Image credit: Future)

Far from a shocker, the Stun Baton will ensure your enemies stay down. 


Saints Row Weapons Guide, Machete

(Image credit: Future)

With its additional bleed damage, this classic implement of violence makes for a sharp choice. 


Saints Row Weapons Guide, Pickaxe

(Image credit: Future)

A visceral weapon to say the least, your enemies will be sure to get the point. 


Saints Row Weapons Guide, Sledgehammer

(Image credit: Future)

Sometimes, you need the ruthless application of blunt force to get the job done. 

Smelterville Slugger

Saints Row Weapons Guide, Slugger

(Image credit: Future)

Great for delivering that killer strike. Batter up!

That covers it for every single weapon we've seen in the new Saints Row (so far). We can likely expect a lot more, on launch, but that's certainly plenty to mull over. No matter your preferred means of violence, come release day, we're sure you'll be able to find a weapon to suit your personal tastes. 

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