How to make money in Saints Row: reboot your cashflow

Want more green? Here's how to make money in Saints Row

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You'll need to know how to make money in Saints Row if you want to unlock everything the game offers. A key part of the rebooted open-world crime 'em up is your criminal enterprise, where you take over the city of Santo Ileso by buying businesses and unlocking abilities. But for that, you'll need cold, hard cash.

As with its predecessors, the Saints Row Reboot has you take on the role of a gang leader of The Saints. But being a gang leader isn't all glamor, you need to bring in a constant stream of sweet, sweet greenbacks to expand your empire. Whether it’s keeping you and your gang flush with lethal Saints Row weapons, or the smoothest rides, you know that you’ll need every dollar you can get your hands on. Though Saints Row will let you customize everything, many of the most bespoke duds and hood ornaments come at a heavy cost.  

The latest entry in the Saints Row saga certainly takes the financial aspect of criminality more seriously than its predecessors. And, speaking to us, developer Volition explained its new Criminal Enterprises system, which could see it compete with GTA 6. Fortunately, our guide will help you navigate this more treacherous financial terrain. You’ll be rolling in it in no time. 

How to make money in Saints Row

How to make money in Saints Row: Missions

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The first, and most obvious way to make money in the new Saints Row is by completing story missions. These missions often have exceedingly large payouts and can be a good way to raise cash, especially if you're just starting out. Bring up the 'Missions' tab on your phone and see what's available. 

They take longer to complete than the other activities in Saints Row, but they are worth the time when you see the payout. Plus, some of the game's best moments are in its large-scale missions.

How to make money in Saints Row: the Wanted App

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Strapped for cash? Never fear, the gig economy is here to help. You can take on a kill contract at the touch of a button and murder some poor unfortunate for cold, hard cash. After completing the first couple of missions in the main story, you'll unlock the Wanted App which lets you find and collect bounties within the city of Santo Ileso. Simply select the app on your phone, and choose a target. You'll then begin a side-mission to shuffle your victim off this mortal coil. 

Simply track down the target, end them in whichever manner you find preferable, and you'll earn a nice injection of extra cash. 

How to make money in Saints Row: Side Hustles

How to make money in Saints Row: side hustles

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Also unlocked early on in Saints Row's main story, Side Hustles are, perhaps, the most traditional way to make cash. Dotted across the map, Side Hustles will offer you bite-sized missions of all sorts of different kinds, almost always with a cash reward for your trouble. This can be things like leaving bad reviews on restaurants and then fighting off the gangs that own the restaurant or smuggling contraband across the city against a time limit.

If there's a particular style of gameplay you love, it'll likely have a corresponding type of Side Hustle that'll be worth checking out. 

How to make money in Saints Row: Criminal Ventures

How to make money in Saints Row: Ventures Menu

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Ventures is a brand new feature in Saints Row and are, in our opinion, the most effective way to make money in the game – though it does require a significant investment. 

After completing several main story missions, you'll begin to build the Saints' Criminal Empire. This involves building properties in various areas of city real estate. These properties are usually quite expensive but don't worry, play your cards right, and they quickly pay for themselves and more besides. Even without any upgrades, these properties generate useful passive income. This income can be boosted by completing Venture missions and by eliminating Threats to each venture. Threats are marked on the map by red knuckle-duster icons.  

However, it's the Venture missions that have the largest payout. As well as netting you cash themselves, you'll get a huge cash bonus upon completing every Venture mission for a given property, as well as a bunch of cool cosmetics. Sometimes you can even unlock new vehicles this way, so keep an eye out. Your passive income can be accessed through the Cash App, which we'll explain below. 

Having something quietly earn you money in the background is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself cash rich. Invest in ventures early. Plus, not only do they make you richer, but your experience with the game, too.

How to make money in Saints Row: The Cash App

Saints Row how to make money, Cash App

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Once you've got your first Venture up and running, you'll start generating passive income, accrued in real-time as you play the game. You'll need to use the Cash App to access your gang's hard-earned money. Open the menu and select the app on your phone, follow the button prompt and you'll be able to withdraw in no time. 

Be sure to withdraw regularly since there's a maximum balance level that caps your passive income. If you hit this cap, money will stop flowing into your account, so be sure to keep an eye on your finances. 

Now you have all the information you need to start making bank in the Saints Row reboot. We'd tell you to spend your cash wisely, but we're not the boss – that'd be you. 

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