How to delete save data on Nintendo Switch

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It's quick and easy to delete save data on Nintendo Switch. The hybrid handheld is perfect for enjoying a wide variety of games on the go, but it doesn't impress by way of internal storage. Both the original Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite models come with 32GB of memory, and the new Nintendo Switch OLED comes with 64GB. Still, that isn't much when you consider some titles take up a considerable amount of space, and it means that if you don't stick to smaller games, you may run out of space quickly. 

There is an option, of course: buy a micro SD card with plenty of additional storage space. You could also opt to purchase physical copies only, though not every Nintendo Switch game releases with a physical cartridge and some do require additional data to be downloaded. 

The best way to free up space and ensure you have plenty of storage for the games you want to play, then, is by deleting titles and then reinstalling them when you want to come back to them. But that still leaves one thing you may not have accounted for: save data. 

You can delete save data from your Nintendo Switch, which quickly accumulates and eats up storage space, at any time. While some save files only demand a few megabytes and under, there are some saves that you'll want to nuke, especially if they're from games you've already completed. And if you play a lot of demos, betas, or complete a lot of games, you tend to rack up the additional data that needs to be deleted. This is an easy way to get ahead of those types of dilemmas. 

But how do you go about deleting save data on your Nintendo Switch? Just follow the steps below and you'll free up some space in no time.

How to delete save data on Switch 

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If you're ready to delete Nintendo Switch save data, just press the Home button on your Switch to return to the main menu. Look at the toolbar on the bottom of the screen and choose the second option to the end, right next to the power button. It's a sun-like button that's labeled 'System Settings'. Choose that, and then select 'Data Management'. Scroll to 'Manage Save Data and Screenshots', and then choose 'Delete Save Data'.

You'll be met with a lengthy list of games, of which you have save data, info from betas, and demos mixed in. Scroll through the list, and choose the games that you'd like to erase save data from. Once you select the data you want to delete, you'll be met with a dialogue box asking if you're sure if you want to delete the data. Keep in mind that you cannot recover it once it's gone.

Before continuing, ensure you've deleted the right file and the data from the correct game – you don't want to have any mishaps. 

Once you've confirmed that you're certain you want to proceed, the data will be deleted. 

And that’s it! Continue this process until you’ve freed enough space. Save files don’t take long to accrue, so keep an eye on what you hang onto when you delete games and are ready to move on if storage space is at a premium. 

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