World of Goo 2 is announced and gets a brand new trailer 15 years in the making

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In a surprising yet wonderful twist, The Game Awards 2023 showcased a World of Goo 2 trailer. World of Goo 2 is coming. Cool. 

This upcoming indie game is a physics-based comedic building game. The brand-new trailer showed off all the chaotic and wacky happenings players can expect to enjoy. With slippery oil spills, cracking mountains, and islands floating in the sky, it looks like World of Goo 2 will always keep its players on their toes. 

This sequel will follow from the original World of Goo, released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2008. The first game focused on the simple premise of using goo to help players reach certain points, solve puzzles, and fix physics-based issues. Despite the simplicity, it became a smash hit as players quickly fell in love with the blobs of goo.

While this puzzle-solving game may seem lighthearted and fun at first, the reality behind the gloop is much different. While completing various tasks, players will listen to pieces of sharp commentary surrounding consumer culture and corporations. 

With not much else to go on apart from the fast-paced trailer, we all know that it is the release window of 2024. However, if you're interested in learning more about this chaotic indie game, check out the official World of Goo 2 website. While it would be great to see the sequel come straight to Nintendo Switch, the first game was only added to the console in 2017, so we aren't holding our breath.

There's not much more information to go on via the website; however, 2D Boy does say that it is "the biggest game we've ever made." After 15 years, we're hoping that this Goo is going to look better than ever. 


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