The Xbox Adaptive Controller will soon be compatible with keyboard and mouse games

Microsoft adaptive controller surrounded by Microsoft peripherals
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced a suite of new accessibility options coming to Xbox and PC, including the ability to remap Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller inputs to almost 90 keyboard keys.

Revealed in a press release posted to the official Xbox Wire blog, the existing Xbox Accessories app for PC and console will soon be able to remap the buttons of the Elite Series 2 or Xbox Adaptive Controller (Microsoft’s innovative accessibility controller) to various mouse and keyboard inputs.

This is fantastic news for gamers with limited mobility and will potentially allow access to a much wider range of the best PC games where the lack of controller support would have otherwise been an obstacle. Although this feature is currently only available to those enrolled in the Xbox Insiders or Xbox Accessibility Insiders League programs, Microsoft says that a wider release will be coming soon. 

The post also detailed a range of accessibility features available right now, however, including a new “Accessibility in Games” channel on the Xbox store. This lets you filter a range of titles by specific accessibility criteria like menu narration, subtitles, or single stick gameplay - a simple solution to help players find accessible games more easily.

Wireless pairing for new controllers has also received an overhaul and no longer requires you to press a physical button located on the Xbox console. Now, your system can be put in pairing mode remotely using a supported input device like the Xbox Media Remote, a previously paired controller, or a voice command with the digital assistant. 

This comes alongside a new Game Accessibility Settings menu located on the Game Bar on PC, providing a quick and easy way to locate existing accessibility settings.

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