The Wireless Horipad for Steam looks like a spiritual successor to the Steam controller and it's launching later this year

Wireless Horipad for Steam
(Image credit: Hori)

Japanese peripheral manufacturer Hori has revealed its latest controller: the Wireless Horipad for Steam. It's a gamepad that, as the name succinctly gives away, is primarily compatible with PC and SteamOS.

The product is viewable on the brand's Japanese website, where it's listed at 7,980 Yen (around $50 / £40) and comes in four distinct color variants: Midnight Black, Shiny White, Neon Yellow, and Luminous Violet. The Wireless Horipad for Steam is set to launch on October 31 (spooky) in Japan, but thus far no global release date has been announced.

The Wireless Horipad for Steam appears to have a decent amount of features for a controller at this price. For one, its analog sticks have a pair of touch sensors used to enable gyro controls. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity means it has a chance of being compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles, too. 

The controller also features all of the menu and share buttons found on Steam Deck, but it is missing those trackpads. Sadly, it also seems like the Wireless Horipad for Steam doesn't have rumble of any kind. This could position it as a competitive, esports-facing controller (vibration can cause slight fluctuations in a player's aim in a shooter or turning angle in a racing game, for example), but this will have a negative impact on its casual appeal.

We're definitely seeing an uptick in PC-specific controllers in recent years. Some of the best PC controllers, in fact, are now tailor-made for the platform, including the superb GameSir T4 Kaleid and the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, both of which have PC software used for customizing various settings. The Wireless Horipad for Steam appears to be a part of this new wave, too, and it'll be interesting to learn how it stacks up when it launches in October.

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