The PS5 Pulse Explore earbuds have received their first sizeable discount in the UK

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and case on a blue background with white lowest price text
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If you've been eyeing up the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds recently but have been waiting to see if they'd get the price cut treatment, then have we got the UK deal for you today.

The Pulse Explore earbuds have had a small chunk taken off their price tag in the UK and are now selling for £188.51 at Amazon (were £199). This is a neat saving of about ten quid. It's the first sizeable discount we've seen on the new hardware and is also a new record-low price for the buds.

Some folks may have balked a little at the $200 / £200 price tag of the earbuds when they came out but they've proved pretty popular with folks looking to try a different type of PS5 headset, as well as those looking for an optimal audio companion to the PlayStation Portal (only the earbuds and the Pulse Elite headset connect wirelessly directly to the Portal through PlayStation Link). The audio quality is reportedly excellent with the new planar magnetic drivers offering some exceptional sound from such a tiny bud - and now you can experience that for less.

Today's best PS5 Pulse Explore deal

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds: £199 £188.51 at AmazonSave £10

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds: was £199 now £188.51 at Amazon
Save £10 - Only a small saving but a significant one for such a new product, and one that takes the buds down to their lowest-ever price in the UK so far.

Price check: Very - £199 | Currys - £199 | Game - £199

As we mentioned above, while the buds aren't on offer in the same way in the US, they are still widely available following early stock shortages. Check out the latest price in your region below.

If you've been oscillating between Sony's new PS5 audio options, then check in with our dedicated PlayStation Pulse Elite vs Pulse Explore discussion page.

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