Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update fixes save-corrupting bug and unsticks Peter from benches

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
(Image credit: Sony)

The latest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 - version 1.001.005 - is here. The new patch is full of crucial fixes to help enhance players’ web-slinging adventures and improve the game's overall polish. 

Released yesterday (November 8), version 1.001.005 adds several smaller changes like stopping NPCs on boats from spawning on top of each other, while also adding some missing collision detection around the harbor. However, the patch notes also notably reveal a fix for an “issue where the player character could leave a mission and enter the open world resulting in corrupted saves.” That’s bound to be a relief for anyone who’s poured loads of time into their save file. 

A particularly annoying bug that could see Peter Parker get stuck to benches and railings has also been ironed out, so you no longer need to worry about approaching seats out of fear that you’ll get attached to them permanently (or at least until you reload your game).

Additionally, multiple input-related issues have been sorted out. You should now be able to move properly after zipping to points and after picking up memory crystals. You'll also now be able to jump properly at all times. On top of that, the two Spider-Men should no longer be able to clip through the map mid-combat, and progress for the Hang Ten Trophy (which requires you to perform 30 Air Tricks in succession without landing) should now accurately count any flips you do.

While there are many other changes outlined in the full patch notes, it’s also worth noting that the update has stopped MJ from being defeated in one hit on the higher difficulty settings. It also looks like the two Spider-Men can no longer intercept phone conversations meant for the other person if you switch between characters during a call. Hey, privacy is important, especially if you're a superhero.

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